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Micropolis Was Never Really King, Unfortunately

Micropolis Corp. investors can be thinking only one thing right now: “It’s about time.” After six straight quarters of losses totaling (gulp!) $57 million, the high-end disk-drive maker says it’s about to turn the corner. Honest.

Stuart Mabon, CEO of the Chatsworth, Calif., company, expects a profitable fourth quarter and 1995. Most analysts agree. And Wall Street has taken notice — pushing Micropolis’ shares above $9, from about $7 to $8 in October. And how’s this for a major vote of confidence: An Atlanta investor recently bought more than 500,000 Micropolis shares, boosting his stake in the company to 6 percent. What gives? Micropolis is experiencing strong demand for its new high-capacity drives and is carving out a space in …

26 Mar 2016

Anti Aliasing: Where Would We Be Without It?

To achieve optimum results from digitized data acquisition systems, engineers must keep in mind that they are dealing with the analog world through a sampled-data process. That sampling process imposes restrictions on the input signal spectrum that can be applied to the system’s analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Consequently, an engineer must pay very careful attention to the front-end analog (antialiasing) filtering that precedes any data conversion.

butterworthWhether an engineer designs the filters himself or buys filter modules, he must understand the role a presampling filter plays in a digital signal-acquisition system. When digitally sampling a dc system, a good filter eliminates noise but allows a change in signal to settle out in a reasonable time.

To digitally acquire ac signals, presampling

03 Mar 2016